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Tasteless Opinion is notorious for his amazing, distateful opinions on discord. He constantly debates, whether it be about mermaids and their existance with the whole discord or debates with Jack, where he doesn't really win the debate but he wins in our hearts. He is constantly making outrageous claims and saying things like "did she enjoy it?" referring to someone's rape. He is oblivious to social norms and sometimes needs to be moderated heavily when he gets too invested in an argument. 

Tasteless is charming, funny, and he has a very nice hispanic accent that everyone loves. Rumor has it he looks like Antonio Banderas.   He is one of the most loveable personalities on discord, and is sometimes reffered to as the "village idiot" out of love. 

No one can tell if he is ever trolling or if he is serious when making most of his statements or questions and that's part of his charm and everyone gets baited in extremely easily by tasteless, no matter what the topic is.  


Dr Avi vs Tasteless Opinion Cringe