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SugarIsPoison Talks To Dr Avi Audio

SugarisPoison is notorious for his ridiculous health claims and his relationship with streamer girlfriend Alana. Sugar constantly comes in and makes ridiculous health claims on medication, food, and the human body. Did you know you can regenerate your pancreas? Sugarispoison knew.  

There are countless of videos of Sugarispoison debating these health claims as well as trying to figure out philosophical ideologies and failing. Sugar thinks boxes are made of air. Yes, air.

 Despite the fact that he posts so many sources he doesn't read and argues about things he doesn't know, he is one of the communities most loved members. He is considered funny and charming, as well as handsome. 

   He has a girlfriend who is a twitch streamer who you can watch here. Her name is Alana and she is just like Sugar, they are made for one another.          


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    SugarisPoison has been broken up with by his girlfriend, Alana and has made a list of the reasons why she sucks. RIP Alana and Sugar. You had a good run.