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Discord Brawl! PenisTooth Confronts Andricus After Tom Rabbittt Inquisition

penistooth attacks andricus after tom unboxes inquisition

Basic Info[]

Penistooth is the most influential text chat bitch second only to Johnnybbad. Together they reign over the general chat drowning out the dozens of other text chat bitches. His interactions often instigate hilarious drama.

He is constantly posting memes in the general chat but he isn't what typically comes to mind when you think of a "memer" because of the high quality of his creations.

Youtube Videos[]

Penistooth has made epic Youtube videos. Unfortunately only a few probably because of how time consuming creating videos of that nature must be.

Link To PenisTooth Channel


Waking Up with Jonjon (featuring Sam Harris)

This must have taken hours to create.

Gold star for being one of the very few people courageous enough to speak out for Dionysus when the regime destroyed his movie nights, abused and banned him.


She Banned Me (Dubsteb Freak-Out Remix feat. GG)