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Basic Info[]

Leila joined the community at the beginning of the original Krillism Server. She seemed to have the ideal picture-perfect Christian life which society idealizes but seems really boring. She has never gotten into any trouble. She married a normal Christian man very young. She was even a virgin when she got married. She will never have to work because of her hard-working extremely successful husband. Perfect or dull? 

Leila's deep dark secret is Discord. She lives a double life. Upon joining the community of atheists who regularly commit actions that are considered conventionally morally reprehensible, Leila quickly became addicted. The emotionally healthy and balanced life student and Christian wife began spending the majority of her time in chat.


Social Chameleon[]

Her life and characteristics are the exact polar opposite of what you expect a person to be like enjoys and becomes a part of our community. The most bizarre part is that she fits in perfectly. Not merely fits in but has rose to the top to be one of the most popular, entertaining and influential characters we have.

She is still technically married but getting divorced. Still a Christian college student. Has seemingly normal and healthy social interactions with people in real life. LEILA IS THE MOST EXTREME CASE OF A SOCIAL CHAMELEON I HAVE EVER SEEN.

Update: Leila Discord Affair/Divorce Tom Unboxes And Jovonn[]

Exposing Dishonesty[]

Leila has deep contempt for people spouting dishonesty. She is constantly spotting and exposing people's lies. Leila attacks both habitual liars and the endless supply of lying newbies that wander in our community. Leila needs to expose dishonesty but what she does more passionately is humiliate and abuse the people that were already exposed but double down. You can see her become increasingly irritated with the person as they continue to be untruthful as the lies become more and more transparent.

Leila has the Tom Abuse Amnesia Syndrome.


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