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Kathleen Tanner, aka Kitkat Tanner is another one of our communities Transgender Atheists. She is extremely open about, and proud of her sexuality. She was a successful Chaturbate model and did amature porn. Kathleen is obsessed with her appearance, she has had multiple cosmetic surgeries and has more planned.

Kathleen runs a Youtube channel called Transgender Reality and does vlogging mostly about political and transgender issues.

Discord History[]

Kathleen came into the community as a Presuppositionalist Christian, she was a fan of Darth Dawkins. However, after interacting with him and discussing with other community members, she abandoned being a presupper. She maintained her Christianity for a period of time, becoming a prominent apologist. She has created her own argument for Gods morality called God Is.

Eventually Kathleen changed her mind and left Christianity. She now identifies as an Agnostic and thinks Darth is an idiot.

Kathleen is not shy, and enjoys debating, she has had several formal debates including debating homosexuality against Decland Eventide, Divine Simplicity against Justin, and Liberalism vs Communism against Pogan in which she was able to cause Pogan to powder keg for 72 straight hours.

Kathleen Youtube Channel

Kathleen Twitter

Kathleen got to do a special appearance on Discord with David Silverman and have a discussion about the MeToo Movement and Third Wave Feminism.


David Silverman vs Kathleen Tanner Metoo Movement Debate

David Silverman talks to Kathleen Tanner about the #metoo movement

Kathleen has been repeatedly targeted by Brenda Von Ahsen another Transgender Atheist on Discord. Kathleen thinks it is because Brenda is jealous.

Kathleen psychoanalyzing Brenda screen shot