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Godless Debate is atheist online chat community stemming from The Great Debate Community on Google Hangouts, Krilism, Tom Unboxes and Chillism Discord servers. Interactions reguarly switches between arguing about philosophy and fighting about petty drama between users.

Many members have intricate histories with each other. Many include members meeting in person and some interactions are spanning as far back as a decade on Paltalk. We are a strange community that goes from bullying and attacking it's own members to consoling each other when our pets die and raising thousands of dollars on GoFundMe or Patreon in order to help each other.

Our community includes many theists and also has the largest amount of Transgender Atheists and Female Atheists than any other Atheist Community.

We stem from the Great Debate Community owned by Steve Mcrae. We are the little sister group of the original GDC. Currently mostly on Discord but many of our members are active in both communities. Migrating around the district between the 2 neighborhoods. Never any tensions between The GDC and baby GDC because both are already overwhelmed with dealing with their own internal drama.

Godless Discord Community is predominantly atheists but we vary wildly in our positions. Many things are polar opposites. We have all sorts of characters: -Atheists to Christians and a Jehova's Witness -Marxist Communists to self-proclaimed fascists -SJWs to Race Realists -Trailer trash high school drop outs to PhDs -Strong debaters well-versed in Philosophy to people who cannot make elementary inferences.

About 60% of community members suffer from a phenemona called the Tom Abuse Amnesia Syndrome

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Godless Discord Community Server

Enlightenment Server

Newest Krillism

New Modus Ponens Server (Pogan's)

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Tom Rabbittt owner of the Tom Unboxes Discord Server.

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