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TJump Moral Theory Debate With Enlightenment Discord Server

Enlightenment Discord Server vs Tjump Moral Theory Debate

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Enlightenment Discord Server is currently the largest and most active of all the servers in our community. The new server appears to be an elixir for the Tom Abuse Amnesia Syndrom.

Enlightenment Discord Server

After years of a Game Of Thrones being played over Discord Server ownership and drama surrounding server rules and member bans came Enlightenment. From Krillism to Modus Ponens to the original Godless Discord to Sam's Modus Tollens Server to Tom Unboxes to Chillism to the new Godless Debate server to the replacement Modus Ponens owned by Pogan to the newest Enlightenment. Out of seemingly nowhere in August 2020 our community almost completely abandoned all the other servers and has moved to this newer server whose owner was not well known in our community.

The Enlightenment Server reunited Darth Dawkins with our community by giving him control over one of the voice channels Atheist Helpline.

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The owner of Enlightenment made a lot of people angry

and people began to protest his server. Godless

reached out to him in PM to offer him help and

he was extremely dissmissive. So Godless

aided in the launch of the Krillism 2021 Server

and Enlightenment Discord has been dead ever since.


Enlightenment Discord Server Owner vs Everyone Else

Discord Debate Server Enligtenment Owner vs Everyone Else