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Darth Dawkins Debunked[]

DDD is the owner of a blog and Youtube channel that exposes Darth Dawkins.

Darth Dawkins Debunked Website

Darth Dawkins Debunked Meets Real Darth Dawkins![]

Darth Dawkins Debunked gets confronted by the real Darth Dawkins for the first time. Darth Dawkins Debunked is a Youtuber that has been making videos and a website about Dunkin Atheism for more than a year. The confrontation takes place on Smokey Saints Stream. Darth Dawkins debunked will not answer Dunkin Atheism questions without him agreeing to not be interrupted. Dunkin gets frustrated and leaves the stream. Then Godless Girl and The Realistic Nihilist join the stream. Darth Dawkins Debunked explains his history with Darth by reading aloud a PDF that he had written for Darth. First encounter.


Darth Dawkins vs Darth Dawkins Debunked!

smokey saint stream where darth dawkins debunked meets the real darth for the first time

DDD setting the record straight about history with Darth:

"First and foremost, I do NOT knowDarth Dawkins. We have NOT had any type of two-way dialogue with each other, whether it be chats, voice, Morse code, or passenger pigeon. We have not had any two-way communication, in any way shape or form, other that one incident, which took place months ago on a YouTube channel, and even in that case, I doubt very much that it was Darth that replied to me.  The person who replied to me on that channel had a note stating that they were the same person that has another channel called "Truth Speller." When I go to that channel, the primary individual does not fit the description of Darth Dawkins (58 year old male). Other than this case, I am not aware of any two-way communication whatsoever that I have ever had with Darth, and if I am wrong about this, anyone, please come forward and correct me.

First, Darth knows that he has never had a two-way communication with me at any time. Secondly, at one point in the video, one of the other participants mentions to Darth that I had already challenged him to a written debate, and after hearing this, Darth has nothing to say, as if it went in one ear and out the other. I sincerely think that it passed right over his head, and the reason for that is because Darth was so worked up (agitated) about the idea of my presence in the room, and especially due to the fact that Darth, by his own admission, is already familiar with my website. Also, in the unedited version (I have posted the original video link at the bottom of this page) Darth calls me several names, but I want to emphasize the fact that he referred to me as both a liar and a fraud. In the course of the time I was in the chat room, which amounted to about 20 minutes, he referred to me as a "fraud" over 20 times. Lastly, Darth called me out (challenging me), mentioning that I should take advantage of a "Golden Opportunity" to enter the chatroom to speak with him. What Darth completely fails to announce to the others is the FACT that I have already challenged Darth, on two separate occasions, to a debate, and I have all the proof I need to support that claim, and as you read further, you will see that proof. More about this in a moment.

The following information is going to be presented to you, piece by piece, and after you are finished seeing all of the pieces in their entirety, you will see the "picture" that has developed. Please be patient as you review this material. Some of the material, by itself, may not make much sense, but I assure you that after you have seen all of the "pieces", it will all come together and make perfect sense."