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Brenda Makes The Most Insane SJW Claims Such As: "If you interrupt a woman you are sexist"

Brenda Attack By Jack In Physicalism Soundcloud


Brenda is one of our community's Transgender Members. A self-declared Social Justice Warrior, Brenda thinks Sam Harris wants to nuke the middle east. She also is fanatical about Physicalism confidently asserting colors are physical.

Brenda has improved her debating skills since joining us on Google Hangouts. Darth Dawkins has been owned by her on multiple occasions. She can crush Creationists and Flat Earthers but her emotions get in the way when debating things like Social Issues. She even lost a debate with Ace once who was claiming the Egyptians did not build the pyramids.

Brenda Youtube Channel

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NephilimFree vs Brenda

NephilimFree debate with Brenda on Discord


Watch Out Brenda[]

[Angstreich|Jack Angstreich] is very upset with Brenda for claiming that the Labor Theory Of Value entails a contradiction. Whenever she comes into the Tom Rabbittt server he will try to get her. Also the Jack Angstreich minion Yuri is on a war path hunting for Brenda.


Brenda has powder kegged multiple times. She often freaks out and gets kicked out of hangouts or leaves Discord Servers.

Mr Batman is her biggest trigger but she also has deep disdain for Kathleen Tanner a fellow Transgender Member who she lashes out at whenever she gets the chance. Kathleen suspects that Brenda is jealous of her youth and successful marriage.

Brenda also has a bitter hatred for Young Earth Creationist NephilimFree

Kathleen psychoanalyzing about Brenda