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Atheistbadger Atheistbadger 12 December 2020

Tom Unboxes Discord

**NOTE: About 60% of community members suffer from a phenomena known as the Tom Abuse Amnesia Syndrome

  • 1 Tom Unboxes Descent Into Evil Summary
  • 2 The Real Problems Began When Tom Got Greedy Over Money
  • 3 Moralizing Monday
  • 4 Tom's Banning People For Power
  • 5 Tom vs Godless Blog Post

Tom Rabbittt is the owner of the Tom Unboxes Discord Server formerly known as Modus Ponens. He is an atheist and runs the his own Youtube channel mostly featuring videos of Darth Dawkins.   

Let me start by saying I really like Tom. I was friends with him since 2016 in where I met him in Nadia Yvette Chambers Hangouts. He use to be one of my favorite people. Tom and I share a passion for exposing other people's dishonest on Discord. We both look at the Atheist Community as a j…

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Darth Dawkins Worldview Debate

Link to YouTube Debate Video

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Darth Dawkins Exposed

If you ever get a chance, please see my Darth Dawkins Exposed website:


You'll see the Philosophical pile of manure that Darth Dawkins calls "The only Coherent Worldview" - it's NOT NECESSARY for YOU to defend ANY position, instead, simply refer Darth to HIS OWN POSITION. His position is totally N,S,E, and West, it's all over the place. Darth has hung himself Philosophically, many times over. Thanks, take care.

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