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Baconbone is the resident (self-admitted) Felon of the discord. He always goes above and beyond to tell these creepy, awful stories about things he has done to people and animals which scare and concern most people that listen.

He is known for being a troll, which brings in question the validity of his stories but there are still people who hate him for them and take them at face value. Most people would call him an awful human being. He loves to start drama between couples and friends and loves to be entertained no matter who is hurt and he loves to be in the middle of it. He has trolled people likeMatt Slick , and Darth Dawkins and was famously involved in discord admin drama   against Toast. 

He has doxxed Squishy, Socradeez's boyfriend and has gotten banned from the community servers many times and was even put on trial for doxxing Kathleen Tanner. No one believed him but he got off with no consequences because of his defense (Krill) and the fair judge (Jovonn).


Matt Slick vs BaconBone