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Darth Dawkins vs Alex Malpass Debate

Alex Malpass loses debate with Darth Dawkins


Alex Malpass has a BA, MA and PhD in philosophy. He runs a podcast called Thoughtology. Alex Malpass is a Teaching Fellow in the Department of Philosophy, University of Bristol, UK. Alex Malpass is best known for his refutations of Presuppositional Apologetics including while debating Matt Slicks TAG argument.

He runs a podcast called Thoughtology, in which he interviews professional philosophers.

Malpass has debated many high-profile people such as

  1. Tjump,
  2. Aron Ra
  3. William Lane Craig,
  4. Darth Dawkins and
  5. Matt Slick.
  6. Matt Dillahunty

Did the Universe Begin to Exist? William Lane Craig + Alex Malpass

Alex Malpass vs William Lane Craig


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