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Quote "I'm probably one of the coolest cucumbers in the jar"


One of the most frequent debaters in the community Ace seemingly never censors what she says due to political correctness. Ace rises above the majority of people will sometimes avoid talking about reality despite being labeled a bigot.

Ace brazenly questions the Holocaust and is sympathetic to Race Realism. She is well-educated on the Race-IQ Controversy and makes SJWs rage.


The Frame Problem Ace Works The Room With Logic

The Frame Problem By Ace

It is often hard to distinguish when Ace really believes what he is claiming and when he is trolling. Ace has the uncanny ability to make his opponent look stupid when he is the one make the absurd claims. Example: Ace humiliated Brenda in a debate while claiming Egyptians didn't build the pyramids.

Personal Life[]

Ace self-taught himself computer programming and has a very successful career. He even has a maid. Ace is physically attractive. An very eligible bachelor but he doesn't get a trophy wife because he spends all his spare time feeding his Discord and being a mouthy twink addiction.


As of July 2019 Ace stopped being the disliked and frequently attacked targets of the general population in the community. She suddenly rose to be popular and well-liked. Also started having a huge influence on the social dynamics between other people. Tom Rabbittt even gave mods!!!! This event made Ace the culprit of Jovonn having a falling out with Tom. Jovonn had a tantrum and left the server for a few days. Hilarious!!

:( Sad but impressive these events surrounding Ace also lead to [[1]] leaving the server and disabling her Discord account.

Gold Star For Being One Of Only A Very Few People To Win A Debate Against Black Belt Jack Angstreich.



Angstreich vs Veyd and Ace-Ace Amazing Performance In Debate About Time

Ace Epic Debate About The Nature Of Time