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Matt Dillahunty Gets Owned & Hangs Up On Josh

Matt Dillahunty still hanging up on Atheist Experience callers 2021

I went into the Atheist Community Of Austin Discord server and started talking about how fucked up it was that the atheist movement had been taking over by crazy feminists. I think the female atheists should speak out against these mass amounts of false accusations of sexual assault in the atheist community. Atheists like Richard Carrier, Neil Degrass Tyson, Michael Shermer and David Silverman are having their careers ruined over baseless allegations. Men are afraid to oppose it because they are afraid of being accused themselves.

So in the ACA Discord server I was talking about American Atheists firing David Silverman and a male moderator muted me for "being inflammatory". It was a small voice chat with only 2 other males. I was so annoyed with the male atheist moderator for silencing me when it was people like him who I was speaking out for.

So I said to him "I noticed in the "skeptic" community all it takes is a woman's accusation of sexual assault to destroy a man's career and life. No further evidence necessary. So if you use your moderator powers to mute me again in this Discord server I will go shout to all the other admins and moderators that you were sexually harassing me in voice chat. Then you will not be a moderator here any longer."

The male moderator was silent for a long time and then responded "Can I get that in writing?" Seems like an odd response but I think he was stunned and speechless so it was just occurred to him to say in order to try to get some evidence that I was lying or something. The other 2 males in the room didn't say anything. When he asked me that I screamed "Stop harrassing me!!" and he left the voice chat. Then he typed in the General Chat that he gave me my text chat privileges back and signed offline!


Now every time I join a chat he is in he quickly exists. I have deliberately broken Discord rules in text chat in front of him since then and he just ignores it. He is too afraid to use his moderator power on me. It's so fucked up!! I feel kind of sorry for the guy but what more effective way to wake people up?



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